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Price - Our prices are low, but we do not compromise quality to provide this price

Quality - Most of what we do at Tagg Law Office is real estate, so we know what we are doing and can do it efficiently

Convenience - we offer after hours appointments at no additional cost

Mobile signing - Our lawyer can come to you to sign documents (within Calgary and Airdrie)

$50 off your legal fees if you are both buying and selling

Residential Real Estate Lawyer

We offer flat rate legal fees.* Most purchases with a mortgage are $795 $695 and most sales are $595 $495. We also offer an additional discount of $50 if you are both buying and selling. Call us for a free consultation.

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*Fees do not include any out of pocket expenses that our office incurs such as land transfer fees, mortgage registration fees, title searches and title insurance premiums. All real estate transactions also include a file administration fee of $100 for expenses such as software fees, courier charges, postage, photocopying, faxing and other soft costs. Call our office for an exact quote.

Our lawyer is able to come to you to sign documents and offers flexible after hours appointments if needed so you won't have to take time off work..

For sales, our fees include the discharge of one mortgage.

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